Why travel as a student?

Although there is never a wrong time to see the world, traveling when you are a student is enriching for an entire crowd of reasons. We will run you into the key ones and advise you on what to do, anywhere to do it, and, various importantly, how you can make it all happen for the best reasonable price. We always have discounts and deals running, whether on flights, tours, hotels, or cars.
Traveling as a student is fantastic on so various levels. We could list 100 reasons here, but here are our top five!

Discounts & deals

TONS of deals are locked up when you are a student, both in the plan steps (i.e., booking your flights) and once destination (i.e., using your student card to get discounted entry into unique places). At Student Universe, we regularly have cheap student flights available, deals on tours, and discounts on accommodation.

Break from studies

Studies are super valuable – we understand you know that – but it’s great to find a balance, too. The last item you want to do is burn yourself out, paying unlimited nights up to the early hours, pouring down energy drinks (and another type). Travel gives you a natural breath of fresh air and provides a precious perspective on things.

Personal growth

There’s zero like traveling to give your faith into overdrive, and no matter what career you finally pursue, nothing will get you more than confidence and a healthy mindset. Whether you are hostel-hopping about Australia, on a sailing adventure in Croatia, or negotiating the Trans-Siberian Express, you will pay home a different person.

Real world experience

It is all excellent and good knowledge things in theory in a classroom. However, nothing can replace real-life experience when taking things in on that vocational level. Here is why traveling as a student is such a great time to do it – you can mix these two types of education. If you are teaching at school to be a teacher, why not try teaching for real on a TEFL placement in Thailand?

Employers love it!

Travel experience often starts candidates to the top of the collection when applying for jobs. Think about it: if everyone’s got the same courses and has reasonably similar classes, employers will be looking for that special something to make people stand out. Travel is often the answer to that. Plus, you will have all that confidence discussed earlier – it goes a long way!

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